Wednesday, 22 January 2020


Limited snow in Coire an Lochain

Snow free walk ins
Good to see these guys again

Female ptarmigan

Rubbish light for photography

Limited snowcover
Another warm day with temperatures of plus 7 C up high in The Cairngorms. All the approach paths into the corries now free of snow. The limited snow is high up in the coire and gullies. Not much in the way of winter gear used today. No gloves required at over 1000m. All I wore all day was a baselayer and windproof. Not a breath of wind in the coire so good day for wildlife photography although the light was flat and pretty rubbish. Lots of croaking of the ptarmigan, always a lovely sound in the hills. They had me on steep ground today for photographing them. But great news that numbers are on the increase, well my sightings anyway. As mentioned in my blog already, numbers of these special birds have been quite low since last summer.
Thankfully we are in for some colder weather and fresh snowfall by Friday or Saturday. Winter for now, on hold.

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