Monday, 27 January 2020


Cairn Gorm,  more winter like


High winds

Not seen rime ice for a while

Minus 5 C at mid day on Cairn Gorm

More snow in Aviemore 

Essential winter gear

More like winter conditions 

Anyone for skiing?
This winter we have only had snow falling in Aviemore on just a handful of days. So it was nice to see it snowing heavily in the garden this morning. Low temperatures overnight and we are back into winter mode. The rucksack was packed with full winter gear for the hills. Windy Ridge on Cairn Gorm lived up to its namesake with winds in excess of 50mph. It was great to feel the icy cold and spindrift on my face as I battled up the ridge. The SW winds were actually dumping more snow over in the West today. Even though we had snow in Aviemore, there was only a dusting on the hills. A lot being blown into the Corries, the ridges were mostly bare. Summit temperatures on Cairn Gorm dropped to minus 6.5 C by afternoon. Not many folk seen on the hills. Looking like snow falling for much of this week. Winter returns.

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