Friday, 10 January 2020


Early morning sun trying to break through

Good morning

In their correct surroundings

More snow cover out west

Clear skies by mid day

Winds increasing
Don't look back
It was the last of the calm days for a while. A frosty night and early morning in Aviemore. Forecast over the next few days is for stormy weather. Thankfully this will be coupled with snowfall and not rain but not until tomorrow afternoon. We have an annoying warm, wet spell but this will be short lived.It's then looking like what a usual January climate of snow and storms.
I had a early walk over on the west side of the main Cairngorms today. Remarkably more snow here than to the East of the A9. Good snow cover for the wonderful Mountain Hares. The temperatures at 700m were at freezing here. Another great morning with these fabulous characters. The sun took a while to break through the thin layer of cloud, the skies had a wonderful orange tint to them early doors. It could have been the moon it was so surreal. By midday the winds had increased again.
Tomorrow is a good test for the winter kit. Heavy rain and winds, turning to snow in the afternoon as the temperatures lower again.

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