Saturday, 2 February 2013


Neil & Russ at the top of The Goat Track, a lot of windslab in 24 hrs
Rimed crags, Fingers Ridge
Still a strong, cold North wind this morning
Our comfy snow hole last night turned into a late night-early morning digging excercise. There was a very strong North wind blowing right through the night and into the morning which was starting to build up vast amounts of snow onto our snow shelter entrance. So we were set for a late night shift of shoveling to keep our entrance free and most importantly having good ventilation inside. The weather seemed just the same as we came out at first light, poor vis and spindrift, Neil and Russ were happy to be battling the very cold winds rather than another long shoveling session! The pleasures of snow holing, love it! We headed over to the Northern Corries and back down the Fiacaill Coire Cas as the sun started to peep out. There is now an excellent snow cover on the plateau, equally a lot of wind slab to be aware of, take care out there.

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