Friday, 8 February 2013


The Team at a good rock belay
Jim demonstrating the Italian Hitch
Moveing together
A bit of traversing in the wind
The non stop banter & humour at our snack breaks
Day two for The Elbrus Team and today we covered some basic rope skills, moving on steeper ground and basic belays as we made our way up below the Fiacaill Butress. The possible sunshine that was forecast didn't happen, instead we had low cloud and a blustery wind swirling around the corrie. Just to make it feel more like Mount Elbrus conditions we also got a few snow showers in the afternoon. There is still some wind slab in places and so we were still observing what was under our feet and above us. A few hasty pits revealed there was still some weaknesses in the snow pack. We are away overnight on a snow hole expedition tomorrow

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