Sunday, 24 February 2013


Crampons on at 700m
Jack enjoying the views
The 'non crampon' folk repulsed on this section!
The summit ridge of Snowdon
The guy's third and final summit

And so the guys Winter Three Peaks Challenge arrived at Snowdon. There had been a fresh fall of light snow down to Pen - Y - Pass level as well as old, frozen snow above 700m or so. The sun was out and clouds high. Right from the start we were passing or in the company of some very poorly equipped folk out that weren't even dressed and shod for a summer days hill walk. At one point I was concerned that a group of trainer clad lads were going to slide on top of my group. It was to no surprise that we saw the Sea King chopper fly in and out of the hill on. at least 4 occasions. Well done to all the guys for their big achievement, their first taste of winter hillwalking. We had full winter conditions on each of the mountains and used crampons and axes every day. Jack, Steve, Dave, John, Oase, Mike, Al and Les were all raising money for Cancer Research this weekend. Big thanks to Carl for all the driving and support. A great weekend with fab humor and craic all the way. This is the best way to do The Three Peaks Challenge. Winter and over three days.

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