Sunday, 3 February 2013


It had been milder today and the winds high once again with a strong westerly. It was snowing above 800m still and higher up I guess a lot more drifting snow. After Friday & Saturday's Arctic snow holing expedition, Russ had a day with his feet up after his huge effort in the harsh conditions and so it was just Neil with me today wanting a recap on basic winter skills. We headed onto the East side of the Fiacaill Ridge and had a look at avalanche evaluation and assessment, safe travel and dug several snow pits to analyse the snow pack. We found a couple of weak layers and one of these was quite deep in the snow pack. Later we moved up onto the ridge and honed some axe skills. We then finished the day on some axe arresting back down the hill. Looking like a wild and snowy few days ahead early next week.

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