Saturday, 16 February 2013


Approaching the Fiacaill Ridge in sunny splendour
Helen & Janet enjoying the sun & views
A busy Fiacaill Buttress
Domi enjoying the sun as we descend into Coire an Lochan
Coire an Lochan
Rutchblock test, no failures
The weather forecasts have been a bit topsy- turvy the last two days, today the forecast was cloud and drizzle but instead we got the weather that was forecast yesterday! It was a beautifully sunny almost all the day with lighter winds and warm sun it felt very Alpine! Janet, Helen & Domi were out with me last February over in the west and this weekend they have returned, bringing fine weather with them  again :). We covered the basics again of movement on snow as we headed along the Fiacaill Ridge. We were looking across to The Goat Track which is well loaded with snow and a couple of folk were descending it, not a place I would have been walking down today. From the notch on the Fiacaill we had lunch in the lovely sunshine before heading down the Coire an Lochain side and covered moving on steep ground, avalanche awareness and safe travel. Our Rutchblock test pit earlier in the day, at a lower altitude,  revealed sill a few layers of varying hardness including some softer wind slab but it was starting to bond. We finished the day with a recap on ice axe arresting, my first 'sliding session in the sun' this winter, and oh was it nice! With a glissade down to the Sneachda path.

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