Sunday, 13 March 2016


Christian, from Australia, is with me for two days. A day of skills and a day to tackle Ben Nevis's CMD arête tomorrow. Its been tropical temperatures the last few days, quite a change from last week, indeed most of this winter. Still we had plenty of snow to get all the essentials in on the North Face today. We headed into Coire na Ciste which was the quietest I have ever seen it this time of year and a weekend. We saw only half a dozen folk. The snowpack is very soft and ice only high up. Lots of avalanche debris out of No. 4 & No. 5 Gullies as well as more below No.2. The top was clear mid morning but cloudy later. We are all set for CMD tomorrow. Looks even warmer, into the mid teens at sea level! Still its going to be sunny and windless. Cold nights so should firm up  the snowpack.

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