Saturday, 5 March 2016


More overnight snow and continuing snow showers through out the day in The Cairngorms. Temperatures well below freezing again but light winds. A northerly airflow bringing the cold winds down the next few days.  This weekend Charlotte & Sean are out with me for a two day course. WE escaped the crowds and headed into Coire an Lochain. Soon after leaving the Cas carpark we were into thick cloud and that's the way it stayed for the rest of the day. We headed up to the steep ridge that bounds the left hand side (eastern) of Coire an Lochain. Despite this being on a northerly aspect we found plenty of fresh windslab. Plenty of boulders sticking out on this slope so perfectly safe to continue on up and get the guys moving around on some steeper terrain. The day went quickly as it was a long, tough walk in into the coire with deep snow to plough through. Today we covered lots of avalanche awareness and assessment and plenty of navigation plus movement on steeper ground. Better day tomorrow and maybe some views!
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