Friday, 18 March 2016


Jonathan, Jamie & Andrew enjoying the fab views on Macdui
Hard snow this morning above another temperature inversion
Fiacaill Ridge, snow still hard
Cairn Toul, Sgor an Lochain Uaine & Braeriach
Break time at Loch Avon viewpoint
Top of Jacobs Ladder looking steep
Cairn Toul left and Angels Ridge right
Cairn Gorm summit
The inversion creeps up
Summit of Ben Macdui

The inversion creeps up to Cairn Gorm

Jamie ofn the Fiacaill above an inversion
Jonathan, Jamie and Andrew joined me today. They were after a nice days walking in The Cairngorms. They booked many weeks ago and little did they know they were going to get a fantastic day in the sunshine. Yet another temperature inversion today, the top of the cloud was around 700m this morning and very slowly creeped up to 900m by late afternoon. We were basking in glorious sunshine and clear blue skies. I took them on a 'tour of the best places' around the Cairngorm plateau. We kicked off with an ascent on the Fiacaill Ridge which is till holding snow on its western slopes. The snow was hard and frozen earlier this morning, we had a 8am start so enjoyed good conditions and a quiet ridge. Then it was across the plateau and up to Ben Macdui for some fabulous views over to the Cairn Toul, Sgor an Lochain Uaine, Braeriach trio. Absolutely glorious views and very clear with just the distant hills of 1000m and above poking out of the inversion. Out to the west looked clear at all levels. The light wind was much cooler today, coming from a northerly direction. Then it was over to the lip of the Loch Avon basin for pic-nic-ing and more beautiful views. Last was another Munro tick for the guys as we finished on Cairn Gorm. We eventually entered back into the cloud at 900m, descending Windy Ridge. A fab day out with great company and stunning, stunning weather. What a week. Every day this week we have enjoyed these conditions. Back to more cloud and colder tomorrow as the high pressure system drifts slowly away.

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