Sunday, 27 March 2016


Nice to see blue skies, sun and dry weather
Shower clouds but we were dry
Reindeer watching on top
My kind of clouds
Lots of Lapwings about
After yesterdays soaking and grey day up to our ankles in bog, it was lovely to be basking in sunshine today. WE headed north of the Cairngorm mountains in search of a rain shadow. The Cromdale Hills are much lower but give fine walking and it is some years since I last wandered around these 700m tops. We had sunshine all day, despite the threat of some shower clouds hovering over us. Colder than yesterday, there was fresh overnight snow to lower levels on the big hills throughout much of The Highlands. Back to winter conditions if you ventured higher up today. For us, we were just happy to enjoy some Spring sunshine, some wildlife and great company.

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