Tuesday, 21 July 2020


Yeah! Mountain Hare Photograhy Workshop today
Finally I was back working in the mountains today. A long 3 months since March and @restricted Access' over Corona kicked in. At the end of March I was due to take out Michelle & Phil on a Mountain Hare Photography Workshop. Unfortunately we had to postpone the day. Like all my booked work over that period, it was shelved. Thankfully I am fortunate to have such wonderful clients that everyone had rescheduled their holidays and days out with me, including Michelle And Phil. So this morning was my first day guiding. We we're treated to glorious weather and fabulous Mountain Hare posing.
Mountain Hare landscape 

Great weather for it
We headed to my usual Hare location in the Monadhliath hills. Lovely and peaceful unlike the paparazzi at Findourn where most folk seem to head for. It may be easier walking to that location but where I run my workshops it has one of the finest views and more importantly, quiet. Today we were lucky with the weather. Very light breeze and good light most of the time. We were soon amongst these beautiful, adorable creatures.
Having a snacklet
Looking fine in the sunshine
Gazing out

Towards the end of the afternoon we were treated to  an hour or more from one cure guy who we had photographed a couple of times earlier in the day. He was the most settled and chilled individual.  He seemed very at ease with us. Some lovely shots of him stretching and yawning. Brilliant and two happy clients. A lovely day. Great company, fabulous Hares and weather wise couldn't get much better.
Typical Hare resting places



Another stretch and yawn

Beautiful light at the end of the afternoon.  One more session in the golden sun before heading home.

Sitting comfortably 

Fantastic backdrop

Beautiful in the late afternoon light

A good stretch

On Monday I had a nice bike ride to one of the many lochs that Stratspey has in abundance. It was a mediocre day with a few bright spells and the odd light shower. I was exploring in the hope to see either a Black Throated Diver or a Red Throated Diver on this particular loch. What I hadn't expected to see was a Great Northern Diver! This is quite rare to find in this part of Scotland. More likely to see it in their summer mating plumage in the Northwest, even then you'd be lucky to see one. I felt priveliged and it was close enough to get a half decent photograph. Brilliant.

Great Northern Diver
Spotted, but unconcerned

More yawning?
Mountain and Loch

Some bright spells

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