Wednesday, 15 July 2020


My local Osprey

We're back into some cooler weather and changeable. Often overcast with some bright spells. As a wildlife photographer we are often trying to get some nice bright conditions for our work. A bright, sunny day illuminating your subjects colours and features is desirable.  The Osprey in good light conditions is quite a spectacle. Showing off it's beautiful plumage and those big, wonderful yellow eyes. On Monday evening it was a beautiful weather window. Clear skies and great clarity of air. I took a wander down to my 'local' Osprey which is just a 20 minute bike ride from my front door. The afternoon and early evening is the best period to get the right light onto the Ospreys usual perching places from my hideout in the trees and vegetation. 


His usual perch

Off again

Yesterday I walked up the hill to my usual Mountain Hare location in the Monadhliath. A dull afternoon with just the odd bright spell. It was a winless day so nice condition, good to ear any other wildlife about. There was a couple of Golden Plover flying above the tops. No Dotterel today. Plenty of Mountain Hare and they were very active. The youngsters are almost adult size and full of energy. Still a few Leverets about, too. In the distance I could hear Ravens calling about. The Raven is a predator and they will eat eggs and small chicks of any ground nesting birds. I've noticed the number of Ravens about in the last couple of years has increased, especially in the high Cairngorms. One theory why the Ptarmigan numbers have been low in the last year or so. They will also go for young and small Mountain Hare. Of course the adult Mountain Hare is our fastest land mammal and can reach up to 40mph. They are also very agile and would give any bird of prey a hard time once they are on the move. Nothing lurking above the hares today though. 

All ears
Looking fine
Watchful eye
Nice contrast amongst the Cladonia
Leveret Mountain Hare

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