Saturday, 11 July 2020


Juvenile Dotterel
Seemed like all the popular Munro peaks were very busy today. Apparently the Ben Lawers road was closed this afternoon because there was so many cars blocking the way. Thankfully where I was I saw a grand total of two mountain bikers from a distance. That was it, no cars at carpark, just my bike.
If you choose wisely and stay away from the big (famous) mountains and get off paths then you will probably have a very quiet and enjoyable mountain day, which I did. In fact it was brilliant. A fab few hours amongst youngsters on the hill, I mean young wildlife of course. It's a brilliant time just now with fledged birds and small mammals getting their wings (and feet) and exploring their new surroundings.
Leveret Mountain Hare
I took a wander into the Monadhliath for some wildlife photography again. It was poor light and some very light rain showers early on in the day. Quite dull and flat light for photography of any kind, landscape and wildlife. A slow improvement with a few bright, sunny spells by the early afternoon. I was quite surprised to spot a solitary Juvenile Dotterel at c700m which is quite low altitude for these wonderful wee wanders.
Dotterel amongst the beautiful vegetation

Alone in the hills
The hares were a bit fidgety today but saw around 6 Leverets, a couple still quite small and a real cute factor. They have their own wee hidey holes to escape predators and humans when it gets a bit scary, unlike the adults who don't normaly hide underground.
Hiding in the heather

A small hole not far away for this wee guy
Adult Mountain Hares

I've been spotted
The vegetation up on the tundra is superb just now. A mosaic of heather, Cloudberry and carpets of Cladonia. Interesting to see some of the Cloudberry still with their early flowers and not far away Cloudberry now sporting their ripening fruit.
Cloudberry, flower

Cloudberry, fruit

Cloudberry fruit surrounded by Cladonia
Round leaved Sundew
Shoers over the Northern Cairngorms

Looking very green

Thyme to go

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