Thursday, 9 July 2020


Juvenile Lapwing, Dava Moor
A mixed bag of weather (and weather forecasts) these last few days. A lot of showers about after morning sunny spells. I guess with the nature of showers you can't predict them, as the weather people say. Cooler than of late too and of course we are now well into the Midge season. Over here in the Cairngorms we fair much better, usually, with these dreaded wee beasties. Good foder for our birds though, many of whom feed up on these and other flying insects. After a lazy morning we got ourselves out for a low level walk on a small section of the Dava Way.

Todays mountain summit on the Dava Way
This quiet long distance walk runs North from Grantown on Spey, you'll be unlikely to meet many folk I guess. We've not seen anyone on it so far. Along the way we saw lots of Juvenile birds, some are quite similar to others but we managed to identify most of them. Amongst the highlights were:
Chif Chaf
Song Thrush
Tree creeper
Male Adult Stonechat
Juvenile Stonechat
Juries out on this one
Chif Chaf
Five-spot Burnet

After our conquering the summit of the Dava we headed over to Lochindorb. Nice and quiet for a change. Nearby I have been visiting a field throughout the Spring/Summer to photograph a couple of pairs of Lapwing. Numbers in this small field aren't high and unfortunately they are on the Red List of endangered bird species. So sad as these beautiful birds were once a common sight throughout the UK. The usual man mad problems are the cause of the decline. Land changes and especially farming practices. For now it is lovely to watch them and this evening I spotted their couple of Juveniles poking about looking for snacklets of worms.

Mm on guard
Juvenile Lapwing
Beautiful feathers

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