Saturday, 4 July 2020


Summer snow on Creag Meagaidh 
At last we can now travel freely within Scotland as the 5 mile enforcement lifted this weekend. Of course we don't need to travel too far from our home in Aviemore for some wonderful mountains. Creag Meagaidh is just 40 minutes drive from our house.
The Post Face of Creag Meagaidh 
With a not too hot weather forecast we headed over that way anyway. Just nice to be out on other hills from the Cairngorms and Strathspey area. The cloud was down to around 900m or less most of the day so rather than a  viewless and wet summit we opted to just a short day to the Lochan below the impressive Post Face of the mountain.
Lunch at the loch
I took a wa dear up to the big area of snow that is lying in Easy Gully, a Grade I winter route in the centre of the main Post Face. There is an impressive snow tunnel formed at the bottom. Just below this, in the steep rock and grassy slopes I spotted some wonderful Alpine plants including Mossy Saxifrage, Starry Saxifrage, Alpine Mouse Ear and Alpine Aven.
Snow Tunnel

Easy Gully


Tunnel and Easy Gully
Other wildlife and flora today. Fragrant Orchid and a lovely Dipper bobbing and swimming it's way up the burn to the Loch. Nice to be out again and freedom to roam anywhere. Next up, wild camping. But not low down with Mr. Midge.
Poor mobile phone shot of Alpine Bistort

Mossy Saxifrage

Alpine Aven

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