Friday, 16 October 2020



Autumn is always a riot of colour with the beautiful tree foliage. We're only about 1 week from when the colours are at their finest. I was out with a client on a Mountain Hare Photography Workshop today. What a day! Not only did we get some stunning colours in the Monadhliath but we had a fantastic two hours in te company of Fionn, my favourite and most photogenic of the Mountain Hares that I go up to see on a frequent basis.

The morning period was the best for conditions, We walked up through a layer of cloud and some moments of sun. The light on the last trees before the open hillside was shear magic. The Mountain Hares were just in the hovering cloud layer at around 700m. Virtually no wind today but cold. The high Cairngorms apparently were just out of another layer of cloud. These conditions are superb and you get brilliant photography. But today's highlight was, of course, the Mountain Hare, especially Fionn. He's a wonderful character. 

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