Thursday, 19 January 2017


Creag Meagaidh summit plateau

Matts first taste of winter

A very thin looking Coire Ardair

Easy Gully

The Inner Corrie

Looking into Coire Ardair

Descending from  from The Window

Just enough for a snow hole
 Return clients Andrew, Jonathan and Matt were out with me for a days walking in winter. Well I thought Creag Meagaidh may be holding more in the way of snow so we headed out that way. Easy Gully was going to be an option to gain the summit but on close inspection it looked like the may be a river flowing under the snow pack judging by the waterfalls off the Post Face draining into the gully. The Window looked pretty bare so instead I cam up with a more adventurous route to gain the plateau. We found some nice ribbons of snow here and there. Enough snow on the plateau to warrant getting a map and compass out. We decide on a quick descent after bagging the Munro summit and came back down a very bare Window. The guys loved the day, despite the lack of 'WInter' conditions. I have seen worse in January, it was a tad colder too.

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