Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Sgor Gaoith from Glen Einich

Coire Dhondail, Braeriach

Coire Dhondail, Braeriach

Snowline around 650m

Looking better, Sgor Gaoith

Braeriach briefly clearing

Glen Einich

Loch Einich
A cooler day today thankfully and a dusting of fresh overnight snow in The Cairngorms and other areas of The Highlands. Forecast over the next few days is much colder as winds swing round to a Northerly, Arctic airflow bringing much needed snow to the mountains! I had a quick blast on the bike up Glen Einich today. It was nice to see the mountains looking more wintry with fresh snow down to about 650m on Braeriach and Sgor Gaoith. I took a wander up into Coire Dhondail, one of Braeriachs many beautiful, lonely corries. It was poor visibility above 800m as the cloud came and went. It will hopefully be a lot whiter by tomorrow and beyond. Winter returns, again!

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