Saturday, 28 January 2017


Steep ground

Coire an Lochain

Step cutting

Fresh snow at lower levels

Crampons and neve

Kenneth enjoying first taste of winter

Sliding chute getting icier by the day
At last, we have snow falling to low levels all day today in The Cairngorms. A steady, light snowfall and becoming heavier by dusk. The hills looked more like a January day with a fair few cm's by the end of the afternoon. Kenneth is out with me for two days of skills. His first time out in winter conditions. We headed into the nearest piece of snow, yes Coiran Lochain again. Busy there today, all this social media to blame I would say! There were at least two different MRT groups in the Coire but we still found lots of areas to ourselves and the Twin Burns was deserted by the time we worked or way over there. My siding chute for axe arresting is now becoming quite icy and a good, fast and you may say painful run is now guaranteed! Of course axe arresting comes low down on the vital skills to master, discuss that one with yourselves :) It was snowing down at Glenmore level on the way home. Looks like a cracking blue skies day tomorrow and staying cold.

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