Tuesday, 24 January 2017


Above Hells Lum

Softer snow in the slightly milder temperatures

We found an area o snow untouched

Hells Lum Crag

Feithe Buidhe

Navigation in th wind

Over 1 metre of snow in this location

This is my snow so bugger off

Hells Lum and Feithe Buidhe
Loch Avon

Second day out with Heather and John. Today they wanted lots of navigation. We headed up onto the Cairngorm plateau on a breezy day. The temperatures had gone up overnight and today so the snow was a bit softer and crampons not needed. Plenty of big snow areas on the plateau, especially in SE and  aspects. The area around Hells Lum, Feithe Buidhe and Stag Rocks was good. Diagonal Gully was complete and looked like a few folk had been up and down it. Good day out and good craic with Heather and John who now feel more confident in going out on winter terrain and navigating in more featureless terrain.

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