Monday, 30 January 2017


 Snow buntings low down today

Windblown snow, Northern Cairngorms at 750m

Clear skies with boiling clouds over the Cairngorms

Even the snow buntings getting a face full of snow

Difficult landing conditions

I'll just stay in my snow hole today
A bottle with the winds at Cairngorm carpark 

Clear skies overnight in The Cairngorms with a low of minus 8 degrees C in Aviemore. Up on the hills it was around 50mph even at lower levels. Loads of windblown snow sweeping across the plateau and down to carpark level at Coire Cas. Some difficult walking conditions today along with a high windchill. Plenty of snow buntings down at low levels today and just wildlife photography was a struggle, with cold hands, blowing snow and standing upright for sharp images. These wonderful, hardy wee birds are a common sight on The Cairngorm mountains and always a pleasure to see. Another bird you are guranteed to see when booking on a  Wildlife & Photography course with Tarmachan Mountaineering. Winter is back with a vengeance. Looks like more on the way midweek.

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