Monday, 16 January 2017


A benign, mild day in Coire an Lochain

Mountain Hare taking shelter

I've seen less snow in mid January

Good day for ptarmigan

Still winter like, just

Not much ice in Coire an Lochain

Hare again

Time to go

For a walk
Yet another frustrating massive temperature rise, it looks like it's going to be one of those winters. The weekend was very cold and very snowy, some folk would say too much snow!. Today and yesterday was very mild. Much of the snow at lower levels has now disappeared and there is hardly any ice left on the crags. With summit temperatures in The Cairngorms at +4 degrees today. Having said that  I have seen less snow on the hills in mid January so all is not lost! It was a good day for some Cairngorms wildlife watching in the corries. Plenty of Mountain Hare and Ptarmigan roaming around.  Very light winds and some nice bright spells of sunshine, a lovely day to be out. Forecasts are suggesting a colder spell by the end of the week, just what we need to consolidate the snow.