Monday, 23 January 2017


Movement on steep ground
Heather & John enjoying the neve

Crampon technique

Sharp crampons needed just now

Another day in the sun and snow

Self belay

Wet nappy position
 Heather and John are out on a two day winter course with me. Despite the limited snow and ice conditions just now, there are plenty of areas within The Cairngorms to get many essential winter skills. The Northern Cairngorms are just about the best place to be if you are looking for winter conditions. There was a sprinkling of fresh snow on the crags above 1000m from yesterdays flurries of snow. Everything white is once again solid. Some rocky run outs above the snow fields. We covered lots of vital skills today and plenty of avalanche awareness, despite the low avalanche risk we have at present. Another day of blue skies, sunshine and feeling quite cold in the wind. Nice to come home with dry kit for the fifth day running :)

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