Saturday, 11 December 2010


Rachel and Matt are out with me over this weekend, wanting some excitement and spectacular scenery on the winter hills. Today we went up South Gully on Sob Ban, this is a cracking wee grade 1 route and always reliable, always filled in with snow up to April. After the last couple of days of warm temperatures a lot of snow as been stripped off the hills, most of the crags were black. Surprisingly all the snow on the hill was very soft, despite the temperatures dropping over night and a forecast of freezing levels around 800m. Still good fun and keeps ya fit wading up to your knees in places! Not a patch of frozen turf either, all the ice was much lower down on the path in the glen! We had a glimpse of sunshine as we came onto the ridge and summit with light winds feeling very pleasant. Only one other person seen today on the walk in. Forecast for cooling down and dry days to come.

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