Wednesday, 15 December 2010


It was a milder day today, plus 2 degrees at sea level and cloud sshrouding the tops. Joanne,Mark and I headed up Coire Gabhail in Glencoe. Today we covered avalanche awareness and steep ground again. Right on cue there was avalanche debris on the East side of Bidean from last week. We took an interesting way up to the summit, with excellent hard snow. There was some wonderful rime forming above 900m. The wind picked up to around 25mph and only light drizzle. Last hour was by torchlight, another first for Joanne and Mark. Was amazed to see on the wee rock step after crossing the Coe into the Lost Valley that the NTS had put a sign up warning to stay on the left hand side AND A ROPE for a handrail! As a temporary measure! Looks like the permanent measure is going to be a handrail then? What's the world coming to?

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