Friday, 31 December 2010


Ric and I had a good day up No.4 Gully on The Ben today. It was a disappointingly cloudy and drizzly day, not the dry one as forecast. It was poor visibility above 700m and constant drizzle by mid morning, but slightly cooler than yesterday. There was a breakable crust on the snowpack and still plenty of ice around in the Ciste Corrie. At 1000m the drizzle turnd to wet snow. It was the 'ministry of funny walks' down the Red Burn with the soft snow, better to slide me thinks. Ric did well today considering this was only his second day in snow and he's now hooked! A grand way to end the year, shame it wasn't the arctic and blue skies conditions we've enjoyed most of December, then again winter as only just begun! Have a great Hogmanay and best wishes for 2011. Thank you to all clients and friends on the hill in 2010 and see you next year!

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