Friday, 1 May 2015


Rime ice and full snow cover on Cairn Gorm, looking west to Fiacaill Ridge & Braeriach
Karen heading up Windy Ridge
Rime ice at 800m and full ski cover on the piste (ths has been almost bare all winter!)
Cairn Gorm smmit
Fiacaill ridge and some train spoiling the views
Sgor Gaoithe
Sun coming and going all day
The summer 'handrails' almost buried in snow
Nice sunny spells at times
It was slightly warmer today but that didn't have much impact on the huge amounts of snow we have here in the Cairngorms. There is virtually full snow cover down to 700m. The summit slopes of Cairn Gorm also has much deep snow and it's probably the most complete  cover the hill has had all winter! The unseasonable amounts of snow keeps tricking me into thinking I am still in the midst of winter. It's only when the warm sun pops out that you remember that it is May! Karen and I had a wander up Cairn Gorm today and it was very pleasant to be out with very little wind. We escaped all the snow showers today. Winter boots still a must!

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