Monday, 11 May 2015


A mixture of snow, hail, rin, wind and yes-sun
Map and compass work in the wind
Still large areas of snow in places
Afternoon sun
A viewless Sgor Gaoithe summit
Wind behind us?
The local glider club at Glen Feshie out and about today
Summit smiles and a not too breezy Munro
Nigel, Gemma & Len are out with me on a five day course this week. Today we had an easyish day of navigation and a Munro summit. Despite the weather forecast looking a bit grim we all enjoyed a day of sunshine, sleet, rain, snow and strong winds. The norm for this May! We had a great day out on Sgor Gaoithe and the team worked well navigating all day in difficult weather conditions. All set for tomorrow's 'winter skills day' in the northern corries on Cairngorm. Now that will be a first for me, winter skills course in mid May! :)

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