Saturday, 2 May 2015


Sgurr Mhor and The Horns of Alligin from Tom na Gruagaich
Some snow high up in the corrie
Beinn Eighe & Liathach from the summit
Gerry & Elisabeth nearing the summit, Loch Torridon beyond
Tom na Gruagaich
Fine summit views
A week up in that most stunning of mountain areas, Torridon. The finest range of mountains on the planet, so says me! Karen, Elisabeth and Karen all keen on a Munro summit day one. A good start to the week and not too long a day is Beinn Alligin. With a late start it was just time for the one Munro, Tom na Gruagaich. We are still in an unsettled spell of weather and today we enjoyed some lovely sunshine but it was also quite cool and strong winds in the corrie. Some fresh snow lingering around in the corrie and on the ridges from the recent cold and snowy spell. Superb clear views from the top. We were witness to a guy proposing to his girlfriend on the summit! Gerry was asked to photograph it! Well a fine place to do it I guess.

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