Thursday, 7 May 2015


The impressive Ruadh-stac enroute to Maol Chean-dearg
Karen enjoying the fine panaromic views from the summit
Beinn Eighe & Sgurr Ruadh
A snowy Liathach from the summit
Fab views of the big Torridon ridges, Loch an Eion

A sudden snow shower on the return
Someone knew what to bring for May
30 minutes later and a glorious end to the day. The north side of Maol Chean-dearg in evening sun
What happened to days 4 & 5 I hear you say? Well it turned a tad wet, cold and very windy. Gusts of over 40mph in the glen.We did a bit of bird watching and some lower level walks. Always good to have a few days spare in this wonderful area for when the weather doesn't go to plan. With more snow fall on the tops we woke to a reasonable morning and the weather improved. Karen and I headed to the Munro summit of Maol Chean-dearg. The area between Glen Torridon and Strath Carron must have some of the best cross country stalkers paths in Scotland. It's testament to the folk who built these routes over 150 years ago through wild land that after two days of heavy rain there was hardly a puddle on them. A fine walk to Loch an Eoin and the impressive steep north side of the hill can be seen all the way in. The scenery gets better and better has the track contours round to the south side of the hill. Grand views of An Ruadh-stac come into view. This hill doesn't have Munro status, falling short of that magic 3000ft. We had hail, light rain and snow flurries on our walk up to the summit of Maol Chean-dearg. Timed perfectly on the summit for a sunny spell and grand views of the big Torridon peks. We got hit with a 15 minute snow shower on the way back to Torridon. It felt like winter again - snow at 500m! An Ruadh-stac went from grey to white instantly! Then 30 minutes later the sun shone with beautiful evening light as we walked into those mesmerising Loch views out to the west.

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