Sunday, 10 March 2019


A very stormy day with limited visibility even at lower levels. Very low temperatures and lots of windblown snow. Full winter conditions! Today's winds were not as forecasted,  it was 40-50mph pre-lunch, 50-65mph post coffee and cake. Day two for Robby and his group of fellow medical students. Today it was just Katrina and Robby out with me. The other 4 group members decided on a shopping day in Inverness!  Look what they missed!
I thought a couple of wee video clips gives a better idea of the conditions we had today. The plan was to head up Ben Macdui,  a hill Robby had his sights on. As always,  the weather and snow conditions always dictate what is achievable. This morning wasn't looking hopeful. Very poor visibility at 800m with the Northern Corries path buried in fresh snow. After an hour or so of stumbling it was sensible to head back and have a coffee and cake moment in the cafe. Robby was keen to try out the crampons so we had a wee afternoon play around Windy Ridge. Aptly named. The ends had increased this afternoon.  Down again to a snowy Cairngorm carpark . Shortly after the snow gates at Glenmore were closed. Apparently there had been a few vehicles leaving the ski road.
Coffee & cake time

Still smiling 

Poor visibility 

But loving it

Great couple of days for these guys, a taste of Scottish winter. Macdui will have to wait. Robby is already planning another trip with me. Enthusiasm is always a superb quality to have, after eagerness and a sense of humour!

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